Posted by : David Guyll December 29, 2012

I have updated my Keep on the Shadowfell conversion for use with D&D Next for the third time. Most of the changes involve adjusting custom monster stats, and removing custom monsters because they have been "officially" added to the Bestiary document.

I would also like to take this time to mention that I am working on Thunderspire Labyrinth (almost halfway done, now). After working on some demons, a beholder, and additional class features for the sorcerer and warlock (only to see them go), I figured that I would wait and see what would get added, changed, and removed before pressing foward.

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  1. Long time creeper, first time commenter, and I would like to say thank you for updating, editing, revising, re-visioning parts, and strengthening the whole of the H1 and H2 modules for Next! I agree that the included adventures (with Next) are a bit too 'old school'; so having these, thanks to your work, David, has been extraordinarily fun for our group. Again, thank you for your time and effort!

  2. I am bad at accepting good criticism, but I will say that I am glad to hear that my efforts are appreciated. :-) After H2 I have some tentative plans for H3, but from what I recall I did not like the plot and might end up changing it drastically. In between those am also working on submissions to a fan-based Dungeon World e-zine, as well as some smaller "test" dungeons for Next.

  3. I definitely appreciate the work.....Thanks

  4. I'll second that! Thanks:)

  5. looking forward to your H2. I plan on running my group through a next revision of H1-E3. you are saving me a load of work, i am start on h3 as it is. :)

  6. I pretty much put the Next version of H2 on the backburner. Partially because its still in playtest, partially because the public playtest is ending soon, and partially because my group is uninterested in it.

    I still got notes and maps if you want them, though, and would actually love to revamp the 4th Edition version so that it is more fun. Hrmm...what about a Dungeon World or 13th Age version?



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